Putting Your Child’s Future In A Safe Place

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tick Safe and Private
tick Parental Control
tick Age Appropriate Content

Creating a safe and fun digital playground where kids can connect, explore, and express themselves freely.

Revolutionizing the way kids experience the internet today by providing a platform that is designed exclusively for their unique needs and interests.

Top Giggllers

  • Parth Choudhary
  • Nirav
  • Sairav kumar
  • Yashraj
  • Avedika Sharma
  • Bhaavya Mehta
  • Tanmay
  • Adhrith Singh
  • Khushal Jiyana Saini
  • Kartikey
  • Kavya
  • AaRAV
  • faraz malik
  • _imkumarvimal
  • Yashika Maggo
  • Vedanshi
  • Tanish Sharma
  • Pavanya Rawat
  • Hiryansh Narang
  • Aarti
  • Aditi
  • Hemang
  • Kapil singh

Features & Values

Age-appropriate content

Gigglle platform provides age-appropriate content, free of explicit or inappropriate material, which adult-oriented platforms may have.

Educational value

Gigglle can educate children on digital literacy, online communication, and positive online behaviour.

Parental control

Gigglle offers parental control, monitoring social media usage, and limiting access to specific features or content.

Young Entrepreneur

Gigglle enables kids to become influencers and earn money by creating content and receiving appreciation.

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