About Us

Gigglle is a registered trademark product of Appkpl EdTech India Pvt Ltd.

Gigglle stands out as the ultimate playground for young minds! Say goodbye to negativity and welcome an abundance of positivity, laughter, and empowerment in this secure social space for kids.

Finally, a social media app that's not just fun, but also a haven for kids to unleash their boundless creativity. Created by parents and diligently moderated by real humans, Gigglle boasts millions of users and top-notch safety reviews from Common Sense Media.

Conceived by caring parents and dedicated teachers, Gigglle takes the crown as the go-to kid-safe app, fostering creativity and learning. Let parents kick back and relax, knowing their little ones are enjoying screen time safely, making new friends along the way. Gigglle opens up avenues for kids to interact positively, express their creativity, and engage with entertaining content. Unlike typical social media platforms, Gigglle prioritizes safety and positive interactions through carefully crafted features designed with your child's well-being in mind. Gigglle proudly carries the KidSafe Certified badge and undergoes 100% human moderation. Our moderation team ensures that only safe and age-appropriate content graces the community.

Gigglle seamlessly integrates your child's imagination with video editing tools and music crafted to ignite creativity. With playful video challenges tailored for kids, Gigglle nurtures social and intellectual growth. Respond to challenges and win fabulous prizes, from popular toys to unique and tradable digital treasures!

Gigglle's Friends Community:

  • Parents can enroll their kids in our vibrant global community
  • Discover numerous challenges for learning and share videos with verified friends worldwide
  • Create videos to dance, sing, play, and share with friends
  • Infuse your videos with music from some of the biggest artists globally
  • Customize videos with effects, stickers, music, and filters
  • Win toys, collect gifts, earn Gigglle coins, stylize your profile, and more!
  • Respond to content using only positive appreciations and stickers
  • Gift others to encourage positive interactions and cultivate healthy online habits

Gigglle is KidSafe Certified and 100% Human Moderated:

  • Users retain full control over the visibility of their content on the Gigglle feed
  • Every piece of content undergoes a rigorous human moderation process
  • Moderation ensures prompt relevance, kid-friendly language, and appropriateness, while safeguarding against sharing identifiable personal information

Verified, Secure Sign-Up Process:

  • To sign up for Gigglle, parents must verify via phone number
  • Following our terms and privacy policy, Gigglle accounts require parental consent for safety

Positive Interactions:

  • Unlike TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube, only content that passes our strict moderation process reaches your child's feed
  • Customize your profile and subscribe to your favorite Giggllers for notifications about their latest activity

Gigglle is a registered trademark product of Appkpl EdTech India Pvt Ltd.