Terms & Conditions

Effective: 17th June 2023

Crucial Information: If you are not of legal age to form a binding contract (in many places, this is 18 years old), then you must get your parent or guardian to read these terms and agree to them for you, before you use Gigglle or provide any information to us. Please review this agreement with your parent or guardian so that you both understand how Gigglle works and what restrictions apply to your use of our websites and services.

Welcome to Gigglle. Please continue reading to familiarize yourself with the rules and limitations that govern your utilization of our website(s), products, services, and applications (referred to as the "Services''). If you have any inquiries, comments, or concerns regarding these terms or the Services, please reach out to us at: support@gigglle.com

These Terms of Use (the "Terms") are a binding contract between you and GIGGLLE ("Gigglle," "we," and "us"). Your use of the Services in any manner signifies your agreement to all of these Terms, and these Terms shall remain in effect while you use the Services. These Terms encompass the provisions in this document, as well as those in the Privacy Policy and any other relevant policies. Your use of or participation in specific Services may also be subject to additional policies, rules, and/or conditions ("Additional Terms"), which are incorporated herein by reference. By using or participating in any such Services, you acknowledge and agree to comply with these Additional Terms.

Please carefully read these Terms as they contain essential information about the Services provided to you, including any charges, taxes, and fees that may apply. These Terms also address future changes to these Terms, automatic renewals, limitations of liability, a class action waiver, and the resolution of disputes through arbitration instead of court proceedings. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR USE OF AND ACCESS TO OUR SERVICES ARE SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL OF THE FOLLOWING, YOU MAY NOT USE OR ACCESS THE SERVICES IN ANY MANNER.

Will these Terms ever change?

As we strive to enhance our Services, it may be necessary to make changes to these Terms. We reserve the right to modify the Terms at any time. In the event of any changes, we will provide notice by posting an update on our website at gigglle.com, sending you an email, or using another appropriate method of notification.

If you disagree with the updated Terms, you are welcome to reject them. However, please note that this would result in the cessation of your access to the Services. By continuing to use the Services in any manner following the implementation of changes to the Terms, you indicate your acceptance of all the modifications.

Apart from changes made by us as outlined above, no other amendments or modifications to these Terms will be valid unless they are in writing and signed by both you and us.

What about my privacy?

At Gigglle, we place utmost importance on the privacy of our users. We are committed to safeguarding your personal information. To access the current Gigglle Privacy Policy and learn more about how we handle your data, please click here.

What are the basics of using Gigglle?

To use Gigglle, you'll need to sign up for an account, choose a password, and create a user name, which will serve as your "Gigglle User ID." During the registration process, we may also require certain information, such as your contact details including your phone number. It's important that you provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date information about yourself. Please refrain from selecting a Gigglle User ID that you are not entitled to use, or using someone else's name with the intent to impersonate them. Transferring your account to another person without our prior written permission is not permitted.

By agreeing to these Terms, you represent and inform that you are either (a) an individual of legal age to enter into a binding contract, or (b) you have obtained permission from your parent or guardian to use the Services and have their consent to accept these Terms on your behalf. If you are agreeing to these Terms on behalf of an organization or entity, you further represent and inform that you have the authority to accept these Terms on behalf of that organization or entity, binding them to these Terms. In such cases, references to "you" and "your" in these Terms, except for this sentence, pertain to that organization or entity.

In addition, you may have the option to access certain parts or features of the Services using your credentials from other services (each a "Third Party Account"), such as Google, Facebook, or Apple. By using the Services through a Third Party Account, you authorize us to access specific information from that account for the purpose of providing the Services. You have control over the amount of information we can access, and you can adjust your privacy settings on your Third Party Account accordingly.

You are permitted to use the Services solely for your internal, personal, non-commercial use, in compliance with applicable laws. If your use of the Services violates any laws, you are not authorized to use them. Please note that we cannot and will not be held responsible for any unlawful use of the Services on your part.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Gigglle User ID, account, password, and any other access tools or credentials. Do not share your Gigglle User ID, account, or password with anyone else, and ensure the security of these credentials. You are liable for all activities associated with your Gigglle User ID and account.

What about messaging & communication?

As part of the Gigglle Services, you may receive communications, including messages sent by Gigglle (such as emails, SMS & WhatsApp messages). Upon signing up for the Services, you will receive a welcome message and instructions on how to opt-out of receiving further messages. By registering for the Services and providing us with your phone/mobile number, you confirm your consent to receive information from Gigglle that we believe may be of interest to you. This may include automated text and multimedia messages sent on your phone/mobile number you provided. You agree to receive communications from Gigglle, and you represent and warrant that each individual you register for the Services or for whom you provide a phone/mobile number has given their consent to receive communications from Gigglle. In the event of any breach of this provision, you agree to indemnify and hold Gigglle harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, damages (actual and consequential), losses, and expenses (including attorney's fees) arising from or related to such breach.

Are there restrictions on how I can use the Gigglle’s services?

By using the Gigglle Services, you acknowledge and agree that you will not engage in any of the following activities or contribute any Content or User Submission that:

  • Infringes or violates the intellectual property rights or any other rights of Gigglle or any other person.
  • Violates any law or regulation, including but not limited to export control laws, privacy laws, or any other purpose not reasonably intended by Gigglle.
  • Is dangerous, harmful, fraudulent, deceptive, threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, or otherwise objectionable.
  • Jeopardises the security of your Gigglle User ID, account, or any other individual's account (such as sharing your login credentials with others).
  • Attempts to obtain passwords, accounts, or any other security information from other users.
  • Violates the security of any computer network, cracks passwords, or circumvents security encryption codes.
  • Runs mailing lists, listservs, auto-responders, spam, or any processes that interfere with the proper functioning of the Services or impose an unreasonable burden on the Services' infrastructure.
  • Crawls, scrapes, or spiders any page, data, or portion of the Services or Content, whether manually or through automated means.
  • Copies or stores a significant portion of the Content.
  • Decompiles, reverse engineers, or attempts to obtain the source code, underlying ideas, or information related to the Services.

Engaging in any of the above activities constitutes a violation of these Terms and may result in the termination of your access to and use of the Services.

What are my rights in the Services?

The Services provide various materials, such as text, graphics, data, articles, photos, images, illustrations, User Submissions, and more (collectively referred to as "Content"). This Content is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. When using the Services, you agree to comply with all copyright notices, trademark rules, and any restrictions specified in the accessed Content. You may not use, copy, reproduce, modify, translate, publish, broadcast, transmit, distribute, perform, upload, display, licence, sell, commercialize, or exploit any Content that you do not own without the prior consent of the respective owner or in a way that infringes upon the rights of others, including Gigglle.

However, subject to these Terms, Gigglle grants you a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferable license to use the Content solely for the purpose of utilizing the Services. Any use, reproduction, modification, distribution, or storage of the Content for purposes other than using the Services is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from Gigglle. It is important to note that Gigglle retains ownership of the Services, and you are not permitted to modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, reproduce (except as expressly permitted in this section), create derivative works based on, or exploit any part of the Services. While the Services may offer certain functionalities for copying or downloading specific Content, please remember that all the restrictions mentioned in this section still apply.

What about anything I contribute to the Services — do I have to grant any licenses to Gigglle or to other users?

User Submissions
Any content you post, upload, share, store, or provide through the Services is considered your "User Submission." Some User Submissions may be visible to other users. You are solely responsible for the User Submissions you contribute and represent that they are accurate, complete, up-to-date, and compliant with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

You agree not to post, upload, share, store, or provide any User Submissions through the Services that:

  1. infringe on any third party's copyrights or other rights (e.g., trademark, privacy rights, etc.)
  2. contain sexually explicit content or pornography
  3. contain hateful, defamatory, discriminatory content or incite hatred against any individual or group
  4. exploit minors
  5. depict unlawful acts or extreme violence
  6. depict animal cruelty or extreme violence towards animals
  7. promote fraudulent schemes and any other dubious money-making ventures
  8. violate any law


To display your User Submissions on the Services and allow other users to enjoy them (where applicable), you grant Gigglle certain rights in those User Submissions. Please note that these licences are subject to our Privacy Policy regarding User Submissions that include your personally identifiable information.

By submitting User Submissions through the Services, you grant Gigglle a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, fully paid, sublicensable, and transferable licence to use, edit, modify, truncate, aggregate, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, perform, and fully exploit the User Submissions in connection with the Services and Gigglle's business. This includes promoting and redistributing part or all of the Services (and derivative works thereof) through any media channels and formats, even after your termination of the account or the Services. You also grant each user of the Services a non-exclusive, perpetual licence to access and use your User Submissions, even after your termination of the account or the Services. It is important to note that these licences do not affect your ownership or licence rights in your User Submissions, except as otherwise agreed in writing. You represent and warrant that you have all necessary rights to grant these licences without infringing on any third-party rights.

Certain features of the Services allow you to share information with others, including through your social networks or other Third Party Accounts. When authorized for sharing, we will specify the Content you can redistribute and the allowed methods, usually through a "share" button. By sharing information from the Services through your Third Party Accounts, you authorize Gigglle to share that information with the respective Third Party Account provider. Please review the policies of any Third Party Account providers you share information with for additional information on how they may use your information. If you redistribute Content, you must be able to edit or delete it promptly upon our request.

Furthermore, you acknowledge that Gigglle may need to make changes to your User Submissions to adapt them to technical requirements (e.g., connection networks, devices, services, or media), and the licences granted above include the rights to do so.

Subject to these Terms, each user of the Services is granted a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferable licence to download and display Content solely for the purpose of using the Services. Any use, reproduction, modification, distribution, or storage of Content for purposes other than using the Services is expressly prohibited without prior written permission from Gigglle. You understand that Gigglle owns the Services, and you may not modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, reproduce (except as expressly provided), create derivative works based on, or exploit any part of the Services. While certain functionalities may allow you to copy or download specific Content, all the restrictions mentioned in this section still apply.

What if I encounter copyright infringement on the Services?

In accordance with the Copyright Act, we have established the following policy regarding copyright infringement. We reserve the right to (1) block access to or remove material that we, in good faith, believe to be copyrighted material illegally copied and distributed by any of our advertisers, affiliates, content providers, members, or users, and (2) discontinue service and remove repeat offenders.

Procedure for Reporting Copyright Infringements: If you believe that material or content available on or through the Services infringes your copyright (or the copyright of someone you are authorized to represent), please send an email to support@gigglle.com and Gigglle will investigate and take appropriate action.

Who is responsible for what I see and do on the Services?

Any information or Content publicly posted or privately transmitted through the Services is the sole responsibility of the person from whom such Content originated. By accessing such information and Content, you do so at your own risk, and Gigglle is not liable for any errors, omissions, damages, or loss you may experience in connection with it. We do not have control over how you interpret or use the Content, nor do we have an obligation to take action regarding your actions resulting from exposure to the Content. By using the Services, you release Gigglle from any liability for acquiring or not acquiring Content through the Services. We cannot guarantee the identity of other users you interact with on the Services, and we are not responsible for the access granted to any users.

You are responsible for all Content you contribute to the Services, in any manner, and you represent and warrant that you have all the necessary rights to do so.

The Services may include links or connections to third-party websites or services that are not owned or controlled by Gigglle. When you access such third-party websites or use their services, you acknowledge and accept the associated risks, and Gigglle is not responsible for any of those risks.

Gigglle has no control over the content, accuracy, privacy policies, practices, or opinions expressed on any third-party websites or by any third party you interact with through the Services. Additionally, Gigglle does not monitor, verify, censor, or edit the content of any third-party site or service. We recommend being cautious when leaving the Services and reading the terms, conditions, and privacy policies of each third-party website or service you visit. By using the Services, you release Gigglle from any liability arising from your use of any third-party website or service.

Your interactions with organizations and individuals found on or through the Services, including transactions, payments, deliveries, and any associated terms, conditions, warranties, or representations, are solely between you and those organizations and individuals. It is advisable to conduct any necessary investigation before engaging in online or offline transactions with these third parties. You agree that Gigglle shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of such dealings.

In the event of a dispute between participants on the site or Services, or between users and any third party, Gigglle is not obligated to intervene. If you have a dispute with other users, you release Gigglle, its directors, officers, employees, agents, and successors from any claims, demands, and damages arising from or related to such disputes or our Services.

Will Gigglle ever change the Services?

We are constantly striving to enhance our Services, which means they may undergo changes over time. We reserve the right to suspend or discontinue any part of the Services, introduce new features, impose limitations on certain features, or restrict access to parts or all of the Services. While we will attempt to provide notice of any significant changes that may negatively impact you, it may not always be feasible to do so. Additionally, we retain the right to remove any Content from the Services at any time and for any reason, including allegations of Content violations, at our sole discretion and without prior notice.

Do the Services have a cost?

The Services may be offered for free, or we may require a fee for their usage. If you are using a free version of the Services that later transitions to a paid version, we will notify you before any charges are implemented. To continue using such Services, you will need to pay all applicable fees. You are solely responsible for any charges, fees, or costs incurred. We recommend consulting with your phone carrier to determine the rates and charges that may apply to your use of the Services.

Paid Services
Certain Services may be subject to payment, either presently or in the future (referred to as "Paid Services"). Please refer to our Paid Services page for a description of the current Paid Services. The payment terms presented to you when using or signing up for a Paid Service are considered part of these Terms. For instance, some Paid Services may charge a fee for downloading or installing the Services via the App Store linked to your specific device. By using our mobile application, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the respective App Store. Any refund inquiries or issues related to applications will be handled solely by the relevant App Store in accordance with their terms and conditions.

We utilize a third-party payment processor (the "Payment Processor") to bill you through a payment account linked to your Services account (referred to as your "Billing Account") for the usage of Paid Services. The processing of payments is subject to the terms, conditions, and privacy policies of the Payment Processor, in addition to these Terms. We hold no responsibility for any errors, acts, or omissions made by the Payment Processor. By opting to use Paid Services, you agree to pay us, via the Payment Processor, all charges at the prices currently in effect for the usage of those Paid Services, according to the applicable payment terms. Furthermore, you authorize us, via the Payment Processor, to charge your chosen payment provider (referred to as your "Payment Method"). You agree to make payment using the selected Payment Method. We retain the right to rectify any errors or mistakes made by the Payment Processor, even if payment has already been requested or received.

Payment Method
The terms of your payment will be based on your Payment Method and may be determined by agreements between you and the financial institution, credit card issuer, or other provider of your chosen Payment Method. In the event that we, through the Payment Processor, do not receive payment from you, you agree to settle all outstanding amounts on your Billing Account upon demand.

Recurring Billing
Some Paid Services may consist of an initial period with a one-time charge, followed by recurring period charges as agreed upon by you. By selecting a recurring payment plan, you acknowledge that such Services have an initial and recurring payment feature, and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges until cancellation. We may submit periodic charges (e.g., monthly) without further authorization from you until you provide prior notice (confirmed by us) of termination or a desire to change your Payment Method. Such notice will not affect charges submitted before we reasonably had the opportunity to act. To terminate authorization or change your Payment Method, please go to your account settings.

Current Information Required
You must provide current, complete, and accurate information for your Billing Account. It is your responsibility to promptly update all information to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and currency of your Billing Account (e.g., billing address, credit card number, or credit card expiration date). If your Payment Method is cancelled (e.g., due to loss or theft) or if you become aware of a potential breach of security, such as unauthorized disclosure or use of your username or password, you must promptly notify us or our Payment Processor. Changes to this information can be made in your account settings. Failure to provide the aforementioned information means that we may continue to charge you for any usage of Paid Services under your Billing Account unless you have terminated the Paid Services as outlined above.

Change in Amount Authorized
If the amount to be charged to your Billing Account differs from the preauthorized amount (excluding changes due to state sales tax imposition or changes), you have the right to receive prior notice of the charge amount and date before the scheduled transaction date. The agreement you have with your payment provider will govern the use of your Payment Method. You agree that we may accumulate and submit charges incurred as one or more aggregate charges during or at the end of each billing cycle.

Auto-Renewal for Paid Services
Unless you opt out of auto-renewal through your account settings, any Paid Services you have subscribed to will automatically renew for successive periods of the same duration as the original subscription term, at the prevailing non-promotional rate. To modify or cancel your Paid Services at any time, go to your account settings or cancel your subscription through the subscription management section of the relevant App Store for mobile applications. If you terminate a Paid Service, you can continue using your subscription until the end of the current term, after which it will not be renewed. Please note that you will not be eligible for a prorated refund of any portion of the subscription fee paid for the current subscription period. To discontinue recurring monthly charges, you must cancel the applicable Paid Service through your account settings or terminate your Gigglle account before the end of the recurring term. Paid Services cannot be terminated prior to the end of the paid period, except as expressly provided in these terms. Gigglle will not refund any fees already paid, unless otherwise stated in these terms.

Reaffirmation of Authorization
Continued use or non-termination of a Paid Service reaffirms our authorization to charge your Payment Method for that Paid Service. We may submit these charges for payment, and you will be held responsible for such charges. This does not waive our right to seek payment directly from you. Your charges may be payable in advance, in arrears, based on usage, or as otherwise specified during your initial selection of the Paid Service.

What about Mobile Applications and In-App Purchases?
You acknowledge and agree that the availability of our mobile application relies on the third-party stores from which you download the application, such as the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store (referred to as "App Stores"). Each App Store may have its own terms and conditions that you must agree to before downloading mobile applications from them, including the specific terms related to the Apple App Store provided below. Your use of our application is subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions set by the respective App Store. If the terms and conditions of the App Store are less restrictive or conflict with the terms and conditions stated in these Terms of Use, the more restrictive or conflicting terms and conditions in these Terms of Use will apply.

Within our mobile applications, you have the option to purchase certain goods or features ("In-App Purchase") that are designed to enhance the performance of the Services. When you make an In-App Purchase, you are conducting the transaction through either the Apple iTunes service or the Google Play service, and you agree to abide by their respective Terms and Conditions. These terms and conditions can be found at http://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/us/terms.html and http://play.google.com/intl/en_us/about/play-terms.html). Gigglle is not a party to any In-App Purchase.

What are GCoins and how do they work?

“GCoins' ' are a virtual currency provided by Gigglle to eligible users of the Services. If you receive GCoins from us, we grant you a non-exclusive, revocable, personal, limited, non-transferable (except as expressly stated below) right and licence to use GCoins solely as permitted by the functionality of the Services.

Eligible users of the Services may acquire GCoins (along with the licence mentioned above) through authorized means explicitly permitted by the Services. In such instances, we will credit your Services account with the GCoins acquired as authorized in these Terms. GCoins can be transferred by you to other Services users in exchange for access to virtual items, services, or content made available through the Services. All transfers must take place within the Gigglle platform using its provided functionality (meaning, you must not attempt to transfer GCoins to any person or entity outside of the Services' functionality).

GCOINS ARE NOT A REAL CURRENCY. UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED IN A SIGNED AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU AND GIGGLLE, GCOINS CANNOT BE REFUNDED, OR CONVERTED INTO REAL CURRENCY THROUGH REFUND. GCOINS DO NOT ACCUMULATE INTEREST. You acknowledge and agree that we may take actions that could affect the perceived value or acquisition price of GCoins at any time, except as prohibited by applicable law.

Transactions involving the exchange of GCoins for virtual items, services, or content via the Services are not legally enforceable, do not give rise to any private right of action against Gigglle or any third party, and are solely governed by us at our sole discretion and application of these Terms.

All payments for GCoins are final and non-refundable or exchangeable. You may not transfer, assign, sell, gift, exchange, trade, convert, lease, sublicense, rent, or distribute GCoins except as expressly permitted by Gigglle through the Services and as authorized by us in writing. We do not endorse or support any third-party services that facilitate the sale, exchange, transfer, or disposal of GCoins. We assume no responsibility for, and shall not be liable for, any such transactions.

Any unauthorized transfer or attempted transfer of GCoins in violation of these Terms will be null and void, resulting in immediate termination of your Service account and the revocation of your license to use GCoins. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to manage, modify, suspend, revoke, or terminate your license to use GCoins without notice, refund, compensation, or liability to you, except as otherwise prohibited by applicable law. Your license to use GCoins will terminate upon the termination of these Terms or your Services account, as provided herein, except as otherwise required by applicable law.

Can I refer other users?

From time to time, Gigglle may offer rewards or incentives for referring others to the Services. For details on any current referral offers, please refer to our referral page. The referring user ("Referrer") can refer individuals or entities who are neither current customers of Gigglle nor registered users of the Services ("Referee"). A registered user is a person or entity that already has an existing account with Gigglle. There is no limit to the number of referrals that a Referrer can make, nor the cumulative rewards or incentives that the Referrer may receive through such special offers, unless otherwise specified. The Referrer will receive the stated reward or incentive for each Referee referred by them who completes the required action specified in that particular offer (such as signing up for an account or making a purchase). All Referees must be first-time recipients of the offer, and multiple referrals to the same individual or entity will be disregarded. Gigglle reserves the right to modify or terminate any special offers at any time and to revoke the special offer from the Referrer and Referee at Gigglle's discretion, for any reason or for no reason at all. If Gigglle determines that the Referrer or Referee is attempting to gain an unfair advantage or otherwise violate the terms or spirit of such special offer, Gigglle reserves the right to (a) revoke any rewards or incentives issued to either the Referrer or Referee and/or (b) charge the Referrer or Referee for any rewards or incentives that were (1) used by the Referrer or Referee prior to such revocation or (2) issued by Gigglle to any ineligible Referrer or Referee. All special offers are subject to any other terms, conditions, and restrictions set forth on the Services or presented in connection with the special offer.