Refund Policy

Effective date: Nov 1st 2023

At Gigglle, we value our users. Transactions made to participate in the challenges and to gift or appreciate other users inside the app is NON-REFUNDABLE because these are live information for all the users and we can not reduce the number of appreciations or gifts and participants of a challenge in real time.

Following are exceptions to the above policy which will result in refund of the transactions.

  • User access to the platform is deactivated without pre-information.
  • The platform is continuously not available for more than 24 hours without any planned communication.
  • The company is not able to add the virtual coins in their Gigglle-account purchased by the users in 48 hours
  • The Company decides to cancel the purchase in any circumstances.

In case of any of the above, the User shall be refunded 100% of the payment will be issued within 7 days of any of the events listed above.

For any queries, the User can write to